Evaluation Design

Our experts help you determine the right questions and evaluation methods to get the answers you need to guide progress.

Our evaluation experts help you understand what works across multiple program areas, demographics, and locations. We’ve designed and implemented studies of varying scales, from evaluating the implementation of a career development program at the district level to large-scale studies of the impact of federally funded programs across the nation. With expertise in multiple research methods, we find the strongest evaluation design to answer your questions.

Know what works.

Work with us to implement evaluation designs that provide the most credible and actionable information to move your program forward.

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Evaluation Capabilities

Formative Evaluation
Implementation Evaluation
Developmental Evaluation
Advocacy Evaluation
Systems Change Evaluation

Our Process: Objective and Human-Centered

We take a human-centered approach to evaluation design, interacting with all affected stakeholder groups to understand your most pressing questions about your program or process. Then we develop and implement designs that provide the most credible and actionable information within your timeframe and budget. Answers to the following questions guide an objective and human-centered evaluation design process:

  • What is the strongest evaluation design that could be used to answer the questions, minimizing bias and maximizing precision?
  • What are the assumptions underlying the proposed approach, and how can we test them to ensure the findings will be robust and defensible?
  • How do program effects vary across subgroups of individuals or sites?
  • How are other stakeholders affected by the program being evaluated?
  • How will we identify the primary determinants of and barriers to success?
  • How will the results from impact and implementation analyses be integrated to ensure clear and consistent answers to key questions?
  • What are the possible challenges to the research, and how can we address them effectively?
Our Impact

Our Commitment to Equitable Evaluation

Diverse perspectives, community participation, and more seats at the table make research and evaluation better. In all that we do, Mathematica’s work reflects a commitment to equitable and culturally responsive practices.

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