The Promotion Power Impacts of Louisiana High Schools

The Promotion Power Impacts of Louisiana High Schools

Published: Mar 05, 2020
Publisher: Chicago, IL: Mathematica
Key Findings

Key Findings:

  • Measures of promotion power substantially reduce or even eliminate the relationship between students’ poverty and the school’s measure of performance, thereby assessing school effectiveness more accurately.
  • Louisiana high schools vary widely in their success in promoting high school graduation, college enrollment, and eventual earnings.
  • Schools with a positive impact on one measure of promotion power are more likely to positively impact other long-term outcomes of students, but many schools show varying effectiveness for different outcomes.

In partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education and through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, Mathematica conducted a study that measured each Louisiana public high school’s promotion power, which is a school’s effect on the long-term success of its students as indicated by high school graduation, college or career readiness, college enrollment and persistence, and success in the job market. The study enables Louisiana to become one of the first states to identify its high schools’ contributions to students’ long-term success separately from other factors, such as family resources and students’ learning before high school.

This report provides details about the data and statistical model used to calculate promotion power of Louisiana public high schools, which included analyzing data related to the following:

  • On-time high school graduation
  • Completion of a college or career readiness credential
  • College enrollment
  • Persistence in college
  • Earnings at age 26

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