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Organizations in the public and private sectors count on Mathematica to deliver evidence-based solutions. Our experts guide federal decision-makers faced with urgent social issues, help state and local agencies improve programs and refine strategies, and are trusted learning partners to foundations. Globally, we help advance solutions that reduce poverty, improve health and well-being, and promote economic growth. For commercial health care providers, health systems, risk-bearing medical entities, and medical colleges and societies, we offer data-driven insights, strategic support, and guidance on operational improvement. To get started, please send a Request for Proposal to rfpcenter@mathematica-mpr.com.


Commercial Health

Commercial Health





International Aid Organizations

International Aid Organizations

State and Local

State and Local

Mathematica's Global Reach

Mathematica is shaping an equitable and just world where evidence drives decisions for global impact. We do this by working with partners in the field to enhance well-being in countries around the globe, including countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America, and South America.

We acquired the globally acclaimed data research organization, EDI Global, in October 2018. Our partnership allows us to work together to deliver on our shared mission of advancing data-driven decision making and improving public well-being. EDI operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mathematica, while continuing to adhere to the core cultural values shared with Mathematica.

EDI is a data collection and research firm with operations in Africa and the United Kingdom. It was established in 2002 in Bukoba, Tanzania, to support international development research and data collection. The company conducts field operations in Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique, as well as survey design and training in countries around the world.

EDI works with a wide range of international organizations and donors to design and implement household and large-scale socio-economic surveys to deliver the highest quality data for policy decisions. EDI is the developer of Surveybe, a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) software that is specifically tailored towards the needs of rigorous data-collection in developing countries with limited communication networks and limited IT expertise.

Partner with Mathematica

As a company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we live our  values by working with partners from diverse backgrounds, hearing perspectives that can expand our thinking, and collaborating with people who bring new expertise and experience to the table. The complex challenges we address require a wide range of skills and approaches. Progress together not only describes the mission of our organization, it’s the way we engage with our clients, our colleagues, and our partners around the world.

If you are interested in partnering with Mathematica, please reach out to us at partnership@mathematica-mpr.com. We welcome your inquiries and questions and look forward to responding.

Small Business Subcontracting Program

Mathematica supports the U.S. government's objective to foster the development and continued viability of small businesses. These firms, including women- and minority-owned businesses, have been integral partners in our work over the years and have contributed significantly to the quality products and services we provide to clients.

Our Small Business Subcontracting Program promotes companywide initiatives that demonstrate support for awarding subcontracts to a diverse group of small businesses, historically underutilized business zone (HUBzone) small businesses, women-owned small businesses, veteran-owned small businesses, and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. To learn more, email partnership@mathematica-mpr.com.

Contract Vehicles

Mathematica offers competitively priced services to federal, state, and local government through both the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) and indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts.

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), Professional Services and Information Technology Categories

An approved MAS contractor, Mathematica provides integrated consulting services, program evaluation, program integration and project management, and survey development and design under SIN 541611; and Information Technology services under SINs 54151S and 54151HEAL at pre-established hourly rates.

One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Unrestricted Pool 2

OASIS is a GSA government-wide IDIQ contract vehicle that provides federal agencies access to Mathematica’s flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. Learn more about how to make Mathematica your insight partner through the OASIS Best-In-Class contract solution. Learn more here.

Agency-Specific IDIQ Contracts and Services

Mathematica provides the following federal agencies with a range of services specified in current IDIQ contracts:

Procurement Ethics Policy

Mathematica is committed to fair business practices with existing and potential vendors. Read more:
Download the policy (PDF).

See Clearly. Act Quickly.

Our experts can help you make smart, sustainable decisions. From local to global challenges in health, human services, and international development, we’re here to improve public well-being and make progress together.

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