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Development and Implementation of a Prescription Opioid Registry Across Diverse Health Systems

Jul 01, 2022
Ray G. Thomas, Andrea Altschuler, Ruchir Karmali, Ingrid Binswanger, Jason M. Glanz, Christina L. Clarke, Brian Ahmedani, Susan E. Andrade, Joseph A. Boscarino, Robin E. Clark, Irina V. Haller, Rulin Hechter, Douglas W. Roblin, Katherine Sanchez, Bobbi Jo Yarborough, Steffani R. Bailey, Dennis McCarty, Kari A. Stephens, Carmen L. Rosa, Andrea L. Rubinstein, and Cynthia I. Campbell

Health Equity Strategies from the Accountable Health Communities Model

Jun 21, 2022
Rishi Manchanda, Sadena Thevarajah, Sara Bader, Alexis Taylor, Roza Do, Mario Gruszczynski, Kelsey Cowen, and Risa Nakajima

Making the Business Case for Addressing Health-Related Social Needs

Jun 15, 2022
Laura Hanson, Mario Gruszczynski, Kelsey Cowen, and Risa Nakajima

Learning to Adapt: Helping Agape Child & Family Services Use Rapid-Cycle Learning to Drive Equitable Change

Jun 14, 2022
Tosin Shenbanjo, Delara Aharpour, Annie Buonaspina, Brittany Tabora, and Scott Baumgartner

Real-World Adherence to Patient-Reported Outcome Monitoring as a Cancer Care Quality Metric

Jun 08, 2022
Samuel U. Takvorian, Ryan T. Anderson, Peter E. Gabriel, Dmitriy Poznyak, Sooin Lee, Samuel Simon, Kirsten Barrett, and Lawrence N. Shulman

Study of Teacher Coaching Based on Classroom Videos: Impacts on Student Achievement and Teachers’ Practices

Jun 06, 2022
Melissa Clark, Jeffrey Max, Susanne James-Burdumy, Silvia Robles, Moira McCullough, Paul Burkander, and Steven Malick

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