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Achieving Cost-Effective Instructional Coaching at Scale: Evidence from Senegal

Jun 17, 2024
Emilie Bagby, Jennifer Swift-Morgan, Ablaye Niang, Arjun Upadhyay

AmeriCorps 2023 State of the Evidence Report

Jun 11, 2024
Scott Richman, Michelle Bennett, Katie Gleason

Evaluation of Child Support Enforcement Cooperation Requirements in SNAP

Jun 06, 2024
Pamela Holcomb, Rebekah Selekman, Quinn Moore, Sarah Bardin, Lindsay Ochoa, Nicardo McInnis, Liana Washburn, Sarah Campbell, Mary Kalb, Asaph Glosser, Kate Stepleton, Imani Hutchinson

How Did the Expansion of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Affect Youth Receiving SSI?

Jun 06, 2024
Isabel Musse, Todd Honeycutt, Jeffrey Hemmeter

Lecture Pour Tous Lean Testing Findings Memo

Jun 06, 2024
Emilie Bagby, Kristine Bos, Arjun Upadhyay, Beryl Seiler

Lecture Pour Tous Community Engagement Findings Memo

Jun 06, 2024
Emilie Bagby, Kristine Bos, Arjun Upadhyay, Beryl Seiler, Sarah Hughes, Cullen Seaton

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