Can Charter Schools Boost Civic Participation? The Impact of Democracy Prep Public Schools on Voting Behavior

Publisher: American Political Science Review (online ahead of print)
Aug 05, 2020
Brian Gill, Emilyn Rubel Whitesell, Sean P. Corcoran, Charles Tilley, Mariel Finucane and Liz Potamites

Key Findings:

  • Democracy Prep has large positive effects on civic participation, increasing its students’ voter-registration rates by about 16 percentage points and their voting rates by about 12 percentage points.
  • Given the low registration and voting rates of young adults nationally, these are substantial impacts.
  • They provide new evidence that an education focused on preparing students for citizenship can boost civic participation in adulthood.

This study examines the impact of Democracy Prep on voter registration and participation in the 2016 election.

Senior Staff

Mariel Finucane
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Brian Gill
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