Postsecondary Education Services for Students in the Vermont Linking Learning to Careers Program

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica
Jul 21, 2020
Frank Martin

The Vermont Linking Learning to Careers (LLC) program is a five-year statewide initiative designed by Vermont’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). The program, which began enrolling students in July 2017, is intended to improve the employment and postsecondary educational outcomes of high school students who have disabilities. LLC uses a team-based approach and provides enhanced services on top of the usual services that eligible high school students typically receive from schools and state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies.

One of these enhanced services is additional postsecondary education assistance from dedicated LLC staff and the Community College of Vermont (CCV), a primary partner for the program. CCV has 12 campuses across the state (closely aligned with DVR’s 12 district offices), thus enabling students who are enrolled in LLC to access the college’s offerings.

This brief describes LLC’s postsecondary education services.


Evaluation of the Vermont Linking Learning to Careers Model


Vermont Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

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