Measuring What Matters in Primary Care

Mathematica Experts Examine How to Collect, Evaluate Data on Health Care Provider Quality
Oct 06, 2015

Eugene RichMathematica Policy Research senior fellows Eugene Rich and Ann O’Malley explore key questions about how to measure excellence in primary health care in a new blog post published by Health Affairs, a leading journal of health policy thought and research.

Rich and O’Malley examine flaws in current primary care metrics and discuss the advantages of refocusing quality indicators to assess whether primary care delivery is “accessible, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, and accountable.” The blog post also offers practical guidance on how to collect data to evaluate primary care quality.

Ann O'MalleyRich and O’Malley, both physicians by training, are leading national experts on health care delivery systems. Rich is director and O’Malley deputy director of Mathematica’s Center on Health Care Effectiveness, which focuses on the delivery system and policy environment that help clinicians and patients make more informed decisions.